Khimaira Quartet (2009-2017)

Khimaira Quartet brings together an exhilarating range of musical influences and have developed a language that lies at the boundary of written and oral, composed and improvised forms. Drawing on their different backgrounds, the group blends traditional Arabic genres, Latin American music, and flamenco, producing an astonishing soundworld.

Immigration and exile are at the heart of our creativity: 
we came from nowhere and we became from everywhere.
We do not deny our heritage, we transform it.
We break down boundaries and choose our own path.

Khimaira Quartet
Ziad Ben Youssef – oud
Éric Duboscq – bass
Yanal Staiti – percussion
Luis Velasco-Pufleau – guitar

Recorded live in Oxford (UK) at the Holywell Music Room, 5 November 2016.

Festival Weekend de la guitare, Condette (France), 16 April 2013