Radio work, 2018
Stereo, French, 2:59 min
Speaker: Yann Lafolie
Nominated for the Flashstory competition at SONOHR festival 2019 (Bern)

Yann recalls going to his first rock concert after surviving the Paris Bataclan terrorist attack of 13 November 2015. In the days and weeks following the attacks, attending a concert was not an insignificant act. His sister was seriously injured at the Bataclan and is still in hospital. The emotions triggered by the music are central to his healing process while he struggles with trauma and fear. Music has become a source of hope, a form of resistance.

To know more about this work and its creative process, see:

Luis Velasco-Pufleau, “Listening to No One Is Innocent after 13 November 2015“, Music, sound and conflict, 21 May 2019, (in English).

Luis Velasco-Pufleau, “Écouter No One Is Innocent après le 13 novembre 2015“, Music, sound and conflict, 21 mai 2019, (in French).